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so i just hit 300 on this blog, so why not do a giveaway!!


both likes and reblogs count, but reblogs count as 2 entries!

reblog as much as you want, just dont spam your followers

do not reblog to giveaway blogs

dont comment on the giveaway post

you have to be following me!

dont be a poor sport if you lose

you must have an official ref  ready

Pony OCs only!


there will be two winners!

1st place: A lineless headshot with complex shading

2nd place: a lined headshot with simple shading 

giveaway ends on the 25th! winners will be chosen by, good luck!!

Tumblr Mobile

Crazy stuff, some of my reference sheet folders got corrupted on my laptop’s last update. Plus Time Warner Cable is being a pain in the ass. This is the 2nd weekend I haven’t been able to get online cuz this message “Service Outage: There’s a known outage in your area that may be affecting your service” my ass… For the amount of money they charge pft… Anyways, no updates since I have no access to collect said corrupted refs. Instead I’m gonna watch cheesy SyFy shark movies I recorded c:

On Tumblr Mobile

I just got home from a failed toy hunt and there’s a blackout in my neighborhood. I think some of my neighbors hit the power lights with fireworks cuz I heard a bunch going off as we pulled into the driveway. Dumb ppl. Anyways, no art progress today. Hope they resolve the issue by tomorrow c:

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